बसेरा (Perch)

Video - 6mim. 59sec.

ढूंढा था एक नया लाहौर, जिसमें जगह नसीब ना थी।

जब छोड़ा था अपना लाहौर,किस्मत बे-बस वक़्त की मोहताज थी ।

 This video, developed during the time of lockdown, represents the third generation looking through certain material memory - utensils, coins, documents etc. The lockdown elongates the sense of time, making me conscious of my belonging - as I attempt to understand and simultaneously question the terms ‘lost’, ‘relocate’ and finally ‘rebirth’. There exists a certain separation between the two moving images - a map of Lahore that is constantly appearing and reappearing, a sort of ‘blank’ territory from where life moves into another geographical territory. And second, the rebirth of a home as a result of this relocation. The conversations narrate the significance and childhood memories of the second generation’s experience and journey through migration with these mundane objects.The dialogues encapsulate a personal oral history account which is passed on to the third generation, continuing the legacy ahead.

( For more details on the art work , please visit website link-     vikrantkano.wordpress.com/artist-portfolio/