ख़्वाब – ईंट और मिट्टी की चूनाई (Dream – Brick and Clay Mix)

Photograph based performance ( PC-karan kanojia (Variable)

This photographic performance unearths the home as a space of seeing, contemplating and facing the demolition of its physical reality when exposed to the workings of the state-machinery. The space that I inhabit in this performance is on the grounds of the rubble of a home that was built by my grandparents in the post-Partition period. Built from sand and bricks without the binding element of cement, the home stood on a government-owned land. As a result, the relevance of a ‘home-memory’, a ‘memory-home’, the narratives collected, and the challenges faced by my family post-Partition were not relegated to the background but was even more threatened through the possibility of complete erasure. All that remained then was my

vision—blotted by the interiors of an imagined home—unbroken, small yet existing in its form and fervor to create a yearning for a personal future..    

https://youtu.be/is2jM55LDkY                           https://youtu.be/uBLs5uEPZSw                  


                                                                 https://youtu.be/SX8NtIkpZ30                                    https://youtu.be/rpgmp1k-jOI

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