A platform for young artists across the globe


We believe that the language of art has the power to communicate across geographic and cultural distances, to open new perspectives on our experience in the world,

to facilitate the understanding of experiences and traditions different from our own.

   Countries reached: 75 countries in
Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, North and South America

Founded in 2012, Emergent Art Space is an international non-profit organization

based in San Francisco, California.

We welcome artists in all fields of visual arts, still in school or under 30.


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Jayeti Bhattacharya

Kolkata, India

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" …all of the artists on the site are young…which is a new approach for an organization…it gives us a chance to show ourselves and our work."

Maeum Lee

Seoul, South Korea

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"EAS in an international context is important because it suggests a broader perspective of the world. Each artist from various cultural backgrounds can bring up issues based on their own experiences."

Farhad Bahram

Teheran, Iran / Portland, US

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"‚Ķit is important to think of art as a global language‚Ķ each artist from each culture translates their cultural experiences into the medium of ‚Äúart‚ÄĚ, which can be understood across cultures."




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The Emergent Art Space website provides a space where young artists can share their works, projects, ideas and experiences, creating an international online community.

It accepts all forms of visual work: painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, photography,
videos, mixed media, digital, site-based work, and installation.


Emergent Art Space launches international young artists exhibitions with partners on location.

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June 2020: "Calling Across the Distance" | This exhibition was online because of Covid

July 2019: "Building Bridges - Yangon"  |  Old Tourist Burma Building, Yangon, Myanmar

February 2019: " Last Image Show - Zambia"  |  Alliance Française, Lusaka, Zambia

September 2018: "Last Image Show - Tanzania"  |  Alliance Française, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

March 2018: "Building Bridges - Bangalore"  |  Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore, India

February 2018: "Building Bridges - New Delhi"  |  Art Konsult, New Delhi, India

January 2018: "Building Bridges - Kolkata"  |  AM Gallery, Kolkata, India

February 2016: "Translations - Kolkata"  |  Rabindranath Tagore Center, ICCR, Kolkata, India

January-February 2015: "Translations"  |  Reed College, Portland, Oregon, US

June 2014: "Cruzando Fronteras"  |  The Instituto Municipal de Arte y Cultura, Tijuana, Mexico

May 2014: "Crossing Borders"  |  Gong Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

June 2013: "Crossing Borders" |  SOMArts, San Francisco, California, US


From Left: Grazia Peduzzi, Victoria Ayala-Preciado, and Ann Wettrich  | Artwork: 'Around the Sky' by Raka Panda

Grazia Peduzzi
Executive Director

Ann Wettrich
Director of Programs and Administration

Victoria Ayala-Preciado
Artist Liaison & Website Coordinator

Catherine Armsden
Rachel Hooper
Norman Packard
Grazia Peduzzi 

Emergent Art Space encourages diversity, values traditions,
welcomes the new and experimental. 

Add your voice, share your art, and

be part of a global conversation.

Contact us at: emergentartspac@gmail.com