Calling Across the Distance

Digital Art

'Calling across the distance' is an image that named after and is a response to the open call by Emergent Art Space for their artists to participate in an online exhibition depicting the realities experienced by the artists at the beginning of a global pandemic, a time where lives were shifted, emotions heightened and futures uncertain. 
Adikinyi was, in this time, in a personal space, desiring resocialisation. The pandemic created a barrier, not allowing her to socialise with different people seeing as the country was under a strict curfew. In this time, Adikinyi saw a chance to dive deeper into her world of digital expression, learning through each creation. 

This image is created from a place of hopelessness. Wondering how many times the world will create curveballs in our paths. Needing and longing for a different time and space, where peace exists; either future or past. The digital creation was featured in Emergent Art Spaces's exhibition, 'Calling Across the Distance.'

Adikinyi is a digital artist and you can find more of her digital creations at [], [] and [].