detail of The aftermath

Tea strain, water color, charcoal, ink, smoke on fabriano (8"/11")

This painting represents the picture of today's social scenario. The condition of our society is not well. we are relaxed, but we don't know when the danger will be knocking on our door.

such a time when common people has lost their right to live.people are being forced to be monitored in their own periphery. The common are being forced to rebel for the govt's wrong doing. The fire of revolt is burning up. The fire of fear, fire of envy, fire of racism, fire of existential crisis is burning up. Atmosphere of war is all around.
Our lives are filled with some strange realities. Which is pressing on us like an inanimate rock. Which we cannot move, and this is how we have to act in a normal way. Common people are victims of powerful people's hateful politics. 
Time has come to recognize the danger. The way dim light can be seen from the unfathomable deep of the sea. Even if we seen the dim light, we should not be disappointed. We will rise from the bottom of the sea. From that hope my work speaks.