I am (not) sorry for all the sins of impurity


The experience of being brought up in the Catholic faith is the experience of most people in my country and the sphere of sexuality is a taboo subject in many homes as The Catholic Church is obsessed with sexuality. It is at the center of its moral teachings. Contrary to popular liberal voices, the problem with the Catholic Church is not that the beautiful religion of love is being destroyed by greedy priests involved in politics. Violence, crossing borders, is not a deviation into which the mainstream of the church in Poland has fallen, but an order directly resulting from the dogmas of this institution. All the worst sins potentially 'threatening' catechised kids and teens are of the body. The source of the greatest evil and impurity is your own body. Upbringing in the Catholic faith always involves internalising the entire marsh of the patriarchy, in which it then gets stuck for years after leaving the institution of the church. In my artistic activity, I try to therapize, get rid of the feeling of guilt, recognise my own suffering as a signal of harm and express my limits, look for my place. I fight my own complexes by taking imperfect photos of my imperfect body (because I have been efficiently convinced that it is ugly).