Immigration Memory 3

Broken Ceramics, Carton, Plastic, Ink (10x5cm)
This work is a work on memory and the trauma of immigrants from all over the world. Countries such as North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Vietnam...Each memory is unique, precious and collectible. From real facts, the first series of memories has collected real testimonies of existing people, honouring each one of their struggle, as I too, have experienced immigration trauma. I believe the suffering of these people needs to be remembered, needs to be known and faced. An immigrants is not just a burden to a country. It is a person without a choice. Take my own example : I am Persian-Azari, American, French. I only have a French password, but I feel most American. The suffering of not being able to be who I am every day, loosing family, missing them every day, not speaking the language I want to speak, is like someone stabbing me in the heart 24/7. 
I want to bring awareness around immigration trauma, and honor my fellow's pain. I want the world to look at immigration for what it really is, and not through the eyes of only economy or cultural differences. I want to fight for a change and flexibility, and love for these people to find who they are again. And most importantly, I want to use Art to create awareness but to ultimately have more EMDR and somatic healing therapist specialised in healing immigration trauma and who can be financed by foundations so that people can heal even if they are not back on their feet yet.