Digital Art, JavaScript Programming

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‘Rotate(BOX,Y,Z);’ is the re-composition of the name of Salvatore Ferragamo’s BOXYZ bag.The artist made the illustrated bag
move and rotate with the help of a JavaScript algorithm.

‘Rotate(BOX,Y,Z);’ refers to one of the syntaxes that work in the P5.js. With such instruction, the object is able to move and rotate
around the x,y and z axes. These three axes coincidently match the name of the bag BOXYZ. Start from this point began the artist
manipulate the bag and let the audience observe the process of its movement through processing techniques. The audience will find
themselves lucky enough if they could capture the aesthetics generated by the bag’s movement.

Since we could see the position and what the bag looks like within each frame, the artwork allures the artist’s personal idea of the meaning
of lucky. Personally speaking, lucky owns the characteristic of its certainty. Such certainty must be bestowed by the invisible but massive
output of one’s diligent work. The point is that the one crowned by the lucky should thank his long-time and resistant efforts.