The Convenience Store In The City Park

Acrylic on the canvas (50cm*39.5cm)

After the outbreak of Coronavirus in Wuhan in the January, the number of cases increased by hundreds each day. The pandemic has forced a large scale lockdown across over the China. In February, when I was wandering in the city park of Changchun (Changchun is my hometown, and only the parks as public leisure facilities were open to the public here), I noticed some people were buying drinks in front of a vending machine. The light of the machine passed through their silhouettes, generating a surrealism scene. I suddenly captured this scene and try to transfer it to an artwork, through which I wanted to address the darkness of the pandemic, while highlight the hope inside us. 

Back to the basics, the artist recurred this scene in conventional way. In this work, all the subjects were zoomed up and were painted without losing any details. By doing this, the painter seized every subtle colour generated by lights of the store. The Illumination, the subtle colour of lights on the three standers’ silhouettes, and the darkness in the background, symbolized the people who were drowning in anxieties during that quarantine condition, while also conveyed warm and hope.