“The unspoken truths “


This post is related to my works on which I am working now, these works are on my private memories, which I have experienced and I wanted to recreate those moments, in my ways. there are many people to whom I want to say many things, but i don’t think I can, maybe I will may be not, but somehow working on this gives me some sort of satisfaction. at least I can share it with myself.  I like to translate some of my experiences, sometimes I add somethings sometimes I don't. there are many truths I can not speak about, there are many untold stories, there are many things in my recent life which I cant share with anybody except one or two friends and many things are there which can not share with them also. my parents are not that open-minded, I cannot share with them  or  I am not that open-minded I don’t know , sometimes I thing I need to share with anybody, writing doesn't help me because of my vocabulary and not capable of choosing phrases ,sometimes i write in my diary , maybe  I am afraid of speaking, may be i don’t know what to speak . most of the time I contradict myself. sexuality and gender, these two things confuse me a lot apart from my body complexes.  sometimes my preferences confuse me, what am I?


I started reading a bit, watched films  , talked to some and came up with the term gender fluid, now I think i am genderfluid and many other terms, before that, i never knew that term.  Honestly, i don’t  know may be i am not, sometimes i doubt everything, i don’t believe certain word or phrase can define somebody's emotions and it cannot be generalised. i feel i came with a sexual identity when i was born it is not constant it changes. And it will change  . this whole process interests me, i am working on this series now these are some images.I am working on different medium, drawing, paintings, videos, gifs. these works are in mixed media and then editing in negatives. (invert) .









this is a link of one of my gif work  "olympia and the rose" .






  1. Ashok Vish | 10.25.2017

    Hi Souvik,

    From your blog posts, I find that you are incredibly honest, open and unafraid to share your inner, most deep thoughts. I am especially intrigued and impressed with your openness to talk about the things you think you aren’t good at. For most people, admitting to their weaknesses or shortcomings isn’t easy. I admire you for doing it, that too so nonchalantly. I believe it also shows in your work, which are very personal in nature.

    Also, about sharing details about your personal life to people. I think it’s completely normal (I actually hate this word, but using it anyway) not being able to share most things to parents or the bulk of your friends. You aren’t alone in this department. The great thing is you do have two friends that you feel comfortable sharing with. Sometimes, it’s about feeling safe and secure, and if you feel safe and secure with just these two friends for now, cherish that. I have no doubt that throughout your life you will continue to meet a few more. It may not be 20 people but since when does quantity matter, eh?

    Also, if you want to discuss more privately about sexuality, gender identity, relationships etc you can always contact me. 🙂

    • Souvik Majumdar | 10.25.2017

      Thankyou for your response , i think sometimes there are certain kind of people who can understand and not make fun of this so called stereotypes , the problem is that i want to share many things with people i know but i feel they are not that open and free to listen , after i started working , on differnt thing i want to share , i started gettinga sort of satisfaction ,i cant define that in words or anything , i think artist here are open enoigh and that is why i shared many things and i want to know more about your experiences , thanyou i will surely talk to you 🙂 i dont have explanatios etc or some writeup about my wprks there are certain stories which i have experienced and some i add sometimesi use my imaginations ,memories . That is why i find sharing atleast some stories can justify my works (i dont like the term justify) still . I dont bileve in writing about works or explaining work of art in other language as it is itself a language . ( this is my belief and it changes hehe )

  2. Dengke Chen | 10.24.2017

    Also, I thought it would be cool to bring text, signs, metaphors, and some animations to your drawings and develop your drawings to mixed media works.

    • Souvik Majumdar | 10.24.2017

      Yes , i am trying to use other elements in drawsings , and making gifs , i have given a link you can see there , i am working with negatives for 1 and half years , forst with photos and now with paintings , i am experimenting to know more . I also want some animative works , i am working on that . And thankyou for the suggestions. I will look into it . I also like sohlims gifs they are very interesting ,and leaves a good impact on me .

  3. Dengke Chen | 10.24.2017

    Hello, Souvik

    You have very good drawing techniques and the way that you are inverting the colors of your drawings and converting hand drawings to digital format is interesting! Since you are talking about subject matters in your art, you may want to address the sexuality and gender issue more clear in your pictures. You might be interested to check out Rocio Montoya’s works that explore the human body in synergy with nature, the female figure and the loss of identity through photography & illustration. Here is her portfolio: http://rociomontoya.com/works/


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