Here I have been playing with clear string and plastic to spell the words 'We are connected by invisible strings.'

I was also experimenting with the idea of circular shapes and connecting them. I made this 3D version also. I like the idea of this as there is an inner and it expands outwards. This is made from paper macheing two different semi transparent papers and I used a little ink.  The string is embedded into the piece so you can see it lightly through the transparent paper. I am considering trying to make something like this from resin and connecting them together.



  1. Kate Mcelroy | 10.27.2017

    Thank you Jasmina! Nice image! What does it say I can’t see as it is quite small? Yes it also reminded me of a doctors stitching due to the nature of the string.

  2. Jasmina Runevska | 10.25.2017

    Kate, I really like your idea that ‘We are connected by invisible strings’ and the way how you’re showing that. It’s even strange how those strings are connected, without our awareness about it. I was working with sowing a few months ago, and I really liked this technique because it’s an old one, creative, and it’s like ‘woman writing’ in visual art.

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